ARO’s Central Park Connection

When you live in the no-fee rentals in NYC at ARO, you’re practically neighbors with Central Park. Beyond the exquisite interiors and views from your window, you have an exclusive pass to the famously chill vibe at Sheep Meadow, just minutes away. A Glimpse of Central Park In the middle of New York’s hustle and … Continued

The Perfect Summer Day Outdoors at ARO

One of the luxuries New Yorkers most desire is outdoor space. And the most coveted kind of outdoor space is a terrace perched above it all. Providing breathtaking vistas of the New York City skyline, these outdoor terraces have been meticulously designed to enhance the sense of connection between residents, their guests, and the vibrant … Continued

Summer Days at the ARO Sky Club

The most immediately striking feature of the no-fee NYC rentals at ARO is the design of the building itself. This singular tower, with its undulating white metal frame achieves what few 21st century buildings can: It creates a visual connection between the cityscape and the lines of nature. It shows us that life in the … Continued

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Midtown West

Mexican food: delicious, diverse, and beloved around the world. From a bite of savory tacos to a soul-warming sip of tequila, the sheer delight of indulging in an authentic Mexican meal is beyond compare. It’s no surprise that Mexican food is on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. If you’re lucky enough to reside … Continued

Celebrating Earth Day at ARO

A happy home is more than just the apartment you live in—it’s the surrounding city, environment, and community too. Residents of the no-fee NYC apartments at ARO know the importance of looking after the world around them, and to honor Earth Month this April, they took part in two special events. Not only did they … Continued

The Perfect Work-From-Home Day at ARO

It looks as though remote working options are here to stay. And while working from the solitude of your own space has become commonplace, there’s no reason your work-from-home setup should be anything but elevated. Lucky residents of the no-fee apartments in Manhattan at ARO have everything they need to be the most productive they … Continued

Life in the Theater District

When you live in one of the no-fee apartments at ARO, you’re at the center of it all: just moments from Central Park, surrounded by world-class cuisine and a host of museums and cultural institutions. But perhaps the most exciting perk of living at ARO is that you’re in the Theater District itself, which means … Continued

Centering Body and Mind in ARO’s Yoga Studio

New year, new you. We all say this, but when push comes to shove, how many of us actually follow through with our New Year’s proclamations? When the time actually comes to put on our exercise gear and work up a sweat, it’s easy to just sit back on the sofa and relax. However, the … Continued

A Wine Bar Moment Near ARO

Long day? Few things take the edge off like a good glass of wine in excellent company. Residents of the no-fee apartments at ARO are surrounded by some corking wine bars — many with superb food plates, and none of them stuffy or grandiose. Perfect for an after-work tipple. Vanguard | 252 West 51st Street … Continued

The Best Holiday-Themed Bars Near ARO

As the holiday season approaches, there’s nothing like gathering on a chilly winter’s eve to toast to the season with loved ones at a holiday-themed bar. And wow, does New York City have a sled full of these cozy yuletide drinking spots. Here’s our roundup of bars worth venturing out of your ARO apartment for. … Continued